Prospective Students

UCAS Eligibility

UCAS students have an opportunity to participate in many classes and activities outside of the minimum high school program. There are specific eligibility requirements that must be met before the student may participate. These requirements have been established with the intent to increase the likelihood of success for the student. For example, if a student is not doing well in high school classes at UCAS, it would not be wise for the student to participate in an accelerated UVU class. Failure in a UVU class has far greater consequences than failure in a high school class taught at UCAS. UCAS also has limited funds to be used for enrichment programs and higher level classes. We must use these resources wisely for those students with a proven track record. UCAS will not pay for any class twice. Here is a summary of the requirements.

UCAS students must remain in good standing and meet eligibility requirements to participate in any UVU on-campus or concurrent (CE) classes, extra-curricular activities such as club leadership positions, class field trips, and student government.

 To be eligible and in good standing the student must have:

  • A minimum 3.0 GPA the semester prior to the activity and no F grades on the latest progress report before the activity. By agreement with UVU, students must have at least a 3.0 cumulative high school GPA from an accredited school and be in good standing before beginning a CE or on-campus UVU program.  Club leadership, student government, and extra-curricular activities require a 3.0 GPA. Home school students coming to UCAS should see their counselor.
  • No F, I, W, UW, or E grades earned during the semester prior to the activity and the latest progress report before the activity.
  • No less than 90% attendance in any class.
  • Served all detentions for excessive tardies, excessive absences, and unexcused absences prior to the activity. A pattern of tardies or excessive absences may make a student ineligible regardless of the detentions served.
  • No safe-school violations, suspensions, or serious behavior discipline referrals. The student’s behavior must show that they can be trusted to attend class and to be honest in their dealings with the university. Problems with honesty and citizenship will make a student ineligible for UVU class participation.

Any exceptions must be approved by the UCAS Review Committee.

Note: Students must take and pass the appropriate placement exam as required by UVU. Generally this is the ACCUPLACER exam.

  • Students who wish to stay in good academic standing at UCAS must maintain a 3.0 or better.
  • Students who receive an F, I, W, UW, or E grade in any class will not be allowed to take UVU on-campus classes the following semester. Students with special situations may present an appeal in writing to the Principal and Graduation Committee.

UCAS Scholarship Qualifications

UCAS Scholarship to UVU:

UVU/MTECH courses may be taken after the student has been enrolled at UCAS for a year. The only courses UCAS will pay for at UVU during 10th grade are accelerated Math – when eligible. All UCAS and high school courses must be done before any other UVU / MTECH courses are paid by UCAS.

UCAS students are scheduled for courses according to their CCR so that students complete requirements in the following order:

  1. High school credits,
  2. Higher Ed required credits,
  3. Higher Ed elective credits.

UCAS will pay for higher ed courses when this order is followed. UCAS will pay for up to 60 credits – when the student reaches the required University Studies general associate degree requirements (See Policy JH Core Curriculum and Graduation requirements). No matter which scholarship a student chooses and qualifies for, they are responsible for the cost of books for on-campus courses. For MTECH programs, students are also responsible for payment of program fees.

Scholarship Type
GPA Minimum

Full Scholarship
All passing grades. Semester and cumulative GPA above a 3.0.
Full Scholarship Awarded
Partial Scholarship
Minimum semester GPA 2.0 and minimum cumulative GPA 2.9, or

One or more failed class

Maximum 3 UVU on-campus classes or 1 MTECH program of study. UCAS review committee must approve a letter of explanation written by the student and any failed classes must be repaid or retaken at student expense.
Limited Scholarship
Semester GPA below 2.0 or Cumulative GPA below 2.9
1 MTECH program of study, high school and CE credits available. UCAS review committee must approve a letter of explanation written by the student and any failed classes must be repaid or retaken at student expense.


Failing Grades:

Students who receive an F, I, W, UW or E grade must pay UCAS back for the failed course or pay to retake the SAME course. Failure to do so in a timely manner will limit opportunity to take UVU on-campus classes and graduation status. UCAS will not pay for UVU on-campus classes until the failed class has been repaid or scheduled to be retaken. Concurrent enrollment classes can only be taken once, a student cannot repeat any concurrent enrollment class for any reason.


A student may make an appeal to the UCAS Review Committee at any time. The UCAS Review Committee will look at the overall student success as well and the actual appeal letter that is written. UCAS Review Committee decisions are limited and must comply with UVU requirements. Students who are not eligible for UCAS to pay for UVU on-campus classes may elect to pay for their own classes. (See guidelines for student appeal letter)

NOTE: Students must also comply with UVU academic standards:

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