Prospective Students

Pros & Cons


  1. UCAS is a small school where everyone knows each other. It is easier to participate in leadership roles and clubs because of the small numbers.
  2. UCAS students who have good grades can accelerate their education by taking college classes which can count for both high school and college requirements.
  3. UCAS pays for tuition and books for UVU classes taken while in high school for eligible students. The cost of a college education can be greatly reduced.
  4. UCAS students who work hard can earn their UVU associates degree when they graduate from high school.
  5. UCAS students learn from an experienced, award-winning faculty who are very good at what they do. UCAS teachers love their subjects and enjoy working with motivated high school students.
  6. Free tutoring is available at the school with full time teachers for 30 minutes before or after school. When students have a concurrent enrollment class through UVU, they can use the math, English, and other tutoring labs available to all UVU students.
  7. UCAS students can form clubs based on their interests. Clubs facilitate making new friends with similar interests and can help students pursue interests that may not be offered as elective classes.


  1. UCAS has no athletic programs. Because of time requirements, it is difficult for students to attend UCAS and participate in sports at their neighborhood high school.
  2. UCAS has limited course options. There are no shop classes, drama classes, instrumental music classes, business classes, or languages other than Spanish.
  3. Students who fail any class or whose GPA is below a 3.0 will find that they are quickly eliminating both their college and high school choices. Poor grades in college will stay with them after high school.  If a student cannot maintain good grades in college classes, they should not come to UCAS.
  4. Many classes at UCAS are concurrent enrollment classes that are more difficult and move faster than traditional high school classes. Successful students must either have or quickly develop excellent study skills, a high level of maturity, and a dedication to put school above other priorities.
  5. Remedial classes are usually not available in the regular schedule at UCAS. If a student needs a class that is below their grade level, it will be available only online.  Online classes are usually more difficult than the traditional equivalent.
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