Prospective Students

Scholarship Eligibility

  1. Students must have 1 year of full time (minimum of 6 UCAS classes) residency (2 semesters) at UCAS to be eligible for the UCAS Early College scholarship.
    *Freshman are not eligible for the UCAS Early College scholarship.
  2. The UCAS Early College scholarship is contingent on student behavior, attendance and grades and will be reviewed for each student each semester. Eligibility requirements can be found in the UCAS handbook.
  3. UCAS reserves the right to withhold funds for students who have violated safe school rules, have discipline concerns or who do not have a proven track record of meeting the UCAS Behavior, Attendance and GPA.
  4. Students must meet UVU course prerequisite requirements in order to qualify for the UCAS Early College Scholarship.
  5. Students must have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA to apply for the UCAS Early College scholarship AND have no F’s on their high school transcript. There is no rounding up of the student’s high school GPA to meet the UCAS scholarship requirements (*2.99 is considered a 2.9 GPA).
  6. UCAS will pay up to full tuition per student/per semester. Any fees incurred will be the responsibility of the student/parent. Payment plans are available through UVU. Books must be purchased by the students for UVU on campus courses.
  7. Student and Parent must attend a mandatory Early College Information Night prior to admission at UCAS (typically held in the spring).
  8. Students must maintain a cumulative high school GPA as well as a cumulative UVU GPA of a 3.0 to maintain the scholarship (It is not a one or the other. Both the students’ high school AND UVU GPA must be at or above a 3.0 to continue eligibility for the UCAS Early College scholarship.
  9. There is no probation period for the UCAS Early College scholarship. Once the scholarship is lost, student will need to meet eligibility requirements before they can apply again. A student will need to be in good standing prior to the student being able to apply for the scholarship again.
  10. Students/Parents are required to pay back to UCAS High School all UVU tuition and fees paid by the UCAS scholarship, for any courses that receives a grade of a F, W, UW, E or I on their transcript. Students/parents will receive a bill in the mail for the amount owed.
  11. The UCAS Early College scholarship is only available for the Fall and Spring semesters for day, evening and online courses. The scholarship cannot be applied toward the summer semester or independent study courses.
  12. The DEADLINE to be considered for eligibility for the UCAS Early College scholarship, admissions and required early college initial appointment completed and registered for classes by JUNE 1st. If June 1st falls on a weekend or holiday it will be due the Friday before June 1st.
    *UCAS strongly suggest that student interested in applying for the UCAS Early College scholarship take the February ACT of their sophomore year if they are wanting to begin in the fall of their junior year of high school.
  13. The UCAS Early College scholarship will pay for a maximum of 18 credits per semester, per student. This includes the accumulation of concurrent enrollment and Early College credits.
  14. UCAS will only pay up to 60 UVU college credits. This amount includes what the student has earned in UVU concurrent enrollment and early college courses.
  15. Students and parents are responsible for knowing the federal financial aid restrictions concerning the number of university credits earned and its long term effects on financial aid.

*Students are always responsible to pay for any course, lab, or exam fee associated with their courses. Any late fees or collections charges that are accrued due to non-payment will also be the student’s responsibility to pay. Textbooks and other course supplies are also the student’s responsibility to purchase.

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