Alumni Association

March 22, 2022

Current and former UCAS students,

My name is Joseph Melville. I graduated from UCAS class of 2010 and I'm very fond of my time there. I'm grateful for the wonderful opportunities and environment I was able to be a part of while at UCAS. As a way of giving back and staying connected, I have been looking into starting a UCAS Alumni Association. UCAS was founded in 2005 and will be closing out its seventeenth year this Spring. At this point there are over a thousand UCAS alumni, and I think it’s time.  

With an alumni association, we could keep a history of the school and influence its development, stay connected to one another and current students, provide academic and career networking opportunities, organize multi-class activities, and manage donations and programs to increase opportunities for UCAS students. 

To get this off the ground, we'll need alumni interested in helping with a newsletter, alumni to look into a corporation for the association, maybe alumni interested in organizing activities... The more people that want to get involved, the more we can do. Let me know what sounds most exciting to you. Please don't let your location get in the way. I'm currently in Florida, but we can all easily connect online.

Are you interested in getting involved? Please complete the UCAS Alumni Association Interest form and let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you! 


Join the Alumni Association

If you’re looking for a way to give back and stay connected to UCAS, please join us in the UCAS Alumni Association. All current students are also welcome and encouraged to join. Here are three points to get you started:

  1. Fill out the UCAS Alumni Association Interest Form.
  2. Contact the Alumni Association by email.
  3. Join our Facebook page to stay connected.

If needed, you can also directly contact Joseph Melville.

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