Answers to some frequently-asked questions about our school!

Early College High Schools have similar characteristics to other public high schools. However, they have shown improved learning and academic success in students. These characteristics include:

  • Location on or near college campus (UCAS students have access to UVU and MTECH)
  • A mature learning environment
  • A rigorous curriculum
  • College credit within an accredited college degree-granting program

For more information on early college high schools, please visit: Jobs for the Future

Our UVU partnership is strong and UVU is extremely supportive of UCAS.

During their senior year, UCAS students are full-time students at UVU on UVU campus. They are actually attending classes on campus with college students. Most seniors only have one class on UCAS campus their senior year.

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UCAS supports students as they prepare for college and life beyond high school.

UCAS has individual College & Career Readiness meetings with every student every year, where students:

  • set their schedule for both high school and their next steps to college, and
  • work closely with UVU counselors to make sure they are getting the right classes for their college degree.

UCAS has a leadership class in every grade. During senior year, students fill out job applications, prepare resumes, and related next steps, almost like a "transitioning to adulthood" course.

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All UCAS students get a FREE UTA bus pass!

We also have Online Carpool to help families arrange their own carpools!

Online Carpool

UTA Bus Pass

  • Schoolwide activity every month planned by the student council – dances, after-school BBQs, roller skating, etc.
  • Lunch activities every week like musical chairs, Minute-to-Win-It, Dance Dance Revolution 
  • Clubs that are customized to student interests
  • Intramural competitions like flag football, March Madness Basketball Bracket, and volleyball vs the teachers

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Partnered with the Utah Valley University