Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS)

An early college high school.

UCAS is an innovative early college high school with an emphasis in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). We serve students in grades 9-12. Academically-prepared students have the opportunity to earn both a high school diploma and up to two years of college credit in a safe, supportive, dual-campus environment. 

UCAS is designed to provide an accelerated high school / early college experience for motivated students at little or no charge.

77% of our high school graduates earn an Associate Degree from UVU.

UCAS pays for your college classes to make this happen.

We provide a real community.

Our mission has been summarized as “high rigor with high support” and “firm, fair, and friendly”. 

Students come to UCAS because they want to excel in their education. They want to learn in an environment where students are eager to participate in class and take their coursework seriously. 

That is not to say that we don’t have fun! We support students in building positive social skills and we provide fun activities. Students make life-long friends when they come to UCAS!

A small, safe community.

Teachers know their students on an individual level. We provide high support by having small class sizes, an in person college and career readiness meeting with a counselor annually, and many opportunities to communicate with and give feedback to the school administration. 

Students can do more than what is generally expected of them. UCAS raises the bar for education and students rise to the challenge. We value the community that is developed with smaller class sizes and smaller campus communities. Teachers at UCAS know their students and express their passion for teaching.

The school administration creates an environment where teachers can focus on teaching and engaging with students. Because teachers are supported, they can focus on the needs of their students.

We believe high level learning is challenging and fun. Engaged learning is FUN!

College & Career Readiness

UCAS has individual College & Career Readiness meetings with every student every year, where students: 

  • set their schedule for both high school and their next steps to college, and 
  • work closely with UVU counselors to make sure they are getting the right classes for their college degree.

Leadership classes in every grade.

We teach a leadership class in every grade. 

We do this because we believe our students need to know how to communicate with each other and with the adults in their lives. They need to know how to advocate for themselves. They need to know how to disagree with someone without having a fight. They need to know how to respectfully express an opinion and walk away as friends. 

These principles are taught in all of our classes as we help our students learn the boundaries of being respectful and still holding true to their own thoughts and beliefs.

Associate Degree upon graduation, along with your high school diploma.

The majority of our high school graduates earn an associate degree along with their high school diploma, (85% in 2023). This statistic has been consistent since our first graduating class in 2007. 

We have a 16-year track record of 100% high school graduation rate and over 75% of associate degree completion. We pay their college classes to make this happen. 

Yes, students work hard; yes, there is some stress; yes, there is sacrifice. With any ambitious goal, this is always the case.

Students thrive being part of a team.

While working toward ambitious goals, you have the benefits of being part of a team. 

Our students succeed because they have similar goals and they are “in it” together. They form study groups, they work together, and they watch out for each other, they refer their friends to an adult when help is needed. 

Although it is challenging, it is hard to fail at UCAS if you are willing to do your best.

UCAS Goals

UCAS will assist students as they:

Learn to build student/adult associations that develop successfully in school, employment, and daily life.

Plan for and work in a thorough, in-depth, and demanding course of study.

Expand a love for learning and interest in math, science and engineering.

Participate in low cost access to higher education.

Experience a sound transition between high school and the college.

Accrue college credits by the successful completion of college level courses.

Graduate from high school with the self-assurance and self-competence of entering into and completing a four-year university degree in a field related to math, science, or engineering.

UCAS Philosophy

The Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is a specialized, magnet public high school that provides an unconventional educational opportunity for high school students who are greatly motivated. UCAS provides a curriculum with an emphasis on STEM (Science, Math, Engineering and Technology). UCAS works closely with Utah Valley University (UVU) allowing students who have the interests, ability, and desire to move through their formal schooling at an accelerated rate.

UCAS provides an atmosphere that promotes learning. Teachers are skilled in curriculum development and delivery along with research-based methods. Teachers and administrators carefully plan the curriculum and assessment that align with the Utah state core.

The curriculum is consistent with the goals of Early College High Schools and the Curriculum departments offered at UVU. Two major strands of emphasis are offered by the Utah County Academy of Sciences:

  • Medical Science and Health Technology intensive strand (UVU School of Science and Health)
  • Computer Sciences and Engineering Technology intensive strand (UVU School of Computer Sciences and Engineering.)

While UCAS has a main focus of technical and scientific inquiry and research, other classes will be offered to fulfill Utah State high school graduation requirements to help students become functional, literate, and well rounded adults.

Belief Statements

We believe:

Partnered with the Utah Valley University