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See your counselor for details.

Required Testing

Administered to 9th and 10th-grade students at the end of the school year for English, Science, & Math.

Administered to all 11th-grade students. Free of charge, on an assigned day during the second semester.

Elective Testing

Optional test for 11th graders interested in participating in the National Merit Scholarship program. Cost associated.

College entrance exams. It is highly recommended that students take the ACT / SAT more than once. All juniors should take the ACT no later than April. Most western state colleges accept the ACT, however, it is your responsibility to check the college you are interested in for entrance exam requirements. 

Register online: ACT Website:

SAT Website:

UCAS school code is 450-286

Students who are registered as UVU students must take this test for English placement. The first time the test is taken, it is free. A $10.00 charge will be assessed for each section at least one day between testing, but may take the test up to 3 times within 2 weeks.) 

The test is given in the UVU testing center located at 1165 West 800 South, Orem - just west of UCAS. 

Please see the testing center website for testing times. Student’s scores will determine placement. Students must take with them a photo i.d. and UVID number to take any test at the testing center. Please request test results and bring them to your UCAS counselor for our records and evaluations. 

The ACCUPLACER Assessment is used to make course placements in reading, writing, and mathematics. Placement decisions are based on your skills as demonstrated on the tests. Because the results are used to advise and place students registering for courses, you should do as well as you can on the tests.

Is the math placement tool utilized at UVU to help students learn what course aligns with their current math knowledge? It is also a valuable tool for students to brush up on previous knowledge through assessment and study to regain their math skills leading up to registering for a math course.

Students may also take the ACT residual test for placement in UVU courses if they prefer. This test is the regular ACT; however, the scores are only good at UVU. This test is given on a very limited basis. Students must pre-register at the testing center at least 24 hours ahead of time. This test costs $50.00 each time it is taken and may be taken as many times as needed. 

Cash only is accepted at the testing center.  

UVU Testing Center hours vary: For more information, call 801-863-8269 or visit

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