William Johanson

William Johanson

Room 214

Degrees & Certifications:

BS Physical Science Composite
MA Secondary Education - Physics

I really like to know how things work. This desire has led me to study the physical sciences. I graduated from Pleasant Grove High School and was named the PGHS Sterling Scholar in Science. I started my college studies to become an electrical engineer. I ultimately decided to become a teacher instead. When I changed my major, I just couldn't decide to study just one field of science. So, I chose to major in all the physical sciences. This has given me a broad view of how all the sciences work together to explain how the world around us works. I really like knowing how things work.  At UCAS I have taught Astronomy & Chemistry. These are both amazing and interesting fields of study. I also have a background in physics, geology, meteorology, and computer science. However, I could not understand all of these subjects without an extensive knowledge of mathematics. Science without math is not real science.

I really enjoy the outdoors and the beauties of nature. I have a goal to visit all the National Parks in America. I was part of a bowling league in American Fork for many years. My best bowling score ever is 277. I entered a won the Sand Castle building contest at Yuba Lake in 2019. I currently teach at UVU as an Adjunct Professor of Astronomy. I have been an Adjunct Professor for almost 20 years.

My Yuba Lake Sand Castles

Partnered with the Utah Valley University