Lacy Fife

Lacy Fife

Administrative Assistant / Attendance Secretary

I worked in the corporate world way too long, mostly in banks, credit unions and office-type jobs. I started volunteering at a high school food pantry when my dad passed away. From that experience, I realized how much I enjoyed working with high school students. I got a job at another school as a school secretary and loved it. I met some friends there, learned about UCAS, and the rest is history!

I love working at UCAS. I hope to offer a safe place for students to feel comfortable studying and give them a sense of acceptance. I look forward to coming to work every day. I met my husband at UVU where I earned a Certificate in Banking and Finance.  I recently returned to UVU and plan to finish my bachelors degree; UCAS students are so inspiring, I couldn't wait any longer to go back to school! My son is also a UVU graduate.

I am a native of Utah. I love our mountains. I love hiking, skiing and relishing in their beauty as much as possible. I have an amazing husband, two kids, a granddaughter, and a rad labrador retriever named Indie. Indie keeps me active, we go for walks almost everyday!

I am the Administrative Assistant at the Orem campus. My office is in the main classroom building. My hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Come see me in the office!

Mrs. Fife

She / Her / Hers

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