Jeff Isom

Jeff Isom

Community Leadership & ACT Prep
Room 211

Jeff Isom is committed to helping others achieve results that truly matter most. He loves to speak, teach, entertain and travel. Jeff is a person with diversity of experience, depth of character, and a desire to help others grow and develop to become their very best selves. 

Jeff has thirty-five years of experience in speaking, teaching, and facilitation in the areas of leadership, team building, creativity, and personal growth. He has delivered over 1700 speeches, workshops, and seminars to hundreds of thousands of people in eighteen countries on four continents. He has met with three U.S. presidents and spoken before delegations of the United States Congress with 18,000 people in the largest live audience spoken to. Jeff has led seminars for thousands of Israelis in Tel Aviv, presented courses for German business people from Hamburg to Munich, and has created and presented programs to develop leadership in half a million American high school students. He has used his language skills in Spanish to speak and teach throughout Mexico, The Caribbean, Central and South America. 

Jeff spent four years as a part time faculty member at Brigham Young University teaching history, theory, and criticism courses in media and film. In conjunction with other faculty, he developed an introductory film course that is taught university wide to over 650 students each year. He has worked extensively in Moscow, Russia teaching Russian children classes in drama, sports, English and life skills. Jeff also worked with Chinese children learning English in the United States. He has regularly presented courses teaching people to adapt to living and working abroad with varied cultures. Jeff is currently teaching Leadership 2: Community Leadership and ACT Preparation at Utah County Academy of Sciences.

Jeff has ten years of professional film production experience as a producer and director of numerous educational, documentary, and narrative films. He worked as a production coordinator and editor on Ancestors, the most widely distributed series in the history of PBS. He also produced True Fans, an audience choice winner of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. As a producer and director, he has created films about cutting edge research in cancer, Native American Rock Art of the southwest canyon lands, and character education for university students. A previous venture in filmmaking, as a producer of extreme sports films, led him to crash a dirt bike previously crashed by motorcycle back-flip king Carey Hart. He woke up five days later, lost his short-term memory, and took a leave of absence. He is currently producing a film called Gare, AeroGare about train stations and airports. 

Jeff has traveled through 49 U.S. states delivering speeches, workshops and seminars while finding the time to go frog giggin' in Missouri, visit with Ronald Reagan in the oval office and enter the gates of the Happiest Place on Earth (Disneyland) 34 times. He has traveled personally or led groups on journeys through 151 countries on six continents, including a 1996 trip through Bosnia Herzegovina and Sarajevo as the war between Bosnians and Serbians concluded. Jeff completed a 1200-mile bicycle journey from Texas to Mexico City to celebrate the arrival of the year 2000. He recently made long distance bike trips down the coasts of Spain and Italy and through the Bolivian Andes. In 2022, Jeff led a group of UCAS Sophomores on a nine day LeaderTrip to our Nation’s Capital, Washington DC and New York City.

Jeff enjoys being a member of the UCAS faculty and working with the fantastic students who choose to attend the school.

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