James Hodson

James Hodson

Room 204

Degrees & Certifications:

AA - Art
BS - Art Education
MA - Instructional Technology
EdD - Educational Technology

I spend my free time with my family, running, and drawing from life. My wife and I produce volumes of their visually rich family history together and I assist her with her photography business. I'm enthusiastic about recording histories and I'm the yearbook advisor, which is closely related.

Besides teaching the art courses for UCAS, I have been teaching an online drawing course for Brigham Young University - Idaho since 2010. I thoroughly enjoy helping college and high school students improve their art skills and discovering even new art talents. Teaching at UCAS has been a dream job for me because I see so many students who have the desire to expand their skills and knowledge like me.

I have my Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Brigham Young University, receiving the Outstanding Senior Award which was given to only one student due to my contribution to the art education program and my art curriculum. I have a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology from American Intercontinental University and I received my Doctorate of Educational Technology from Argosy University. The motivation to earn my advanced degrees came from the desire to help as many students as I could, which I discovered was through technology.

I have taught a variety of art courses for many years in public schools. I love learning new things and have produced a variety of art projects. I earned an Associates of Art degree from UVU. My last year there, UVU library bought an oil pastel drawing from me in 1995 for the annual art exhibit and it is a part of their permanent collection. I always have an art project I'm working on for someone around me. After I finish one, it's not very long before I will start another one. I especially like to collaborate with people when I work on art projects.

Art students can access their Art class by clicking on the link below.

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