Policies and Procedures on



    The general powers and duties of the Board are defined in Utah statutes. These statutes state or imply that a local Board of Education has full power to operate the local public schools as it deems fit in compliance with state and federal mandates and pertinent laws of the municipality. Within these constraints, the UCAS Board of Trustees views its required functions in these board areas:

    1. Policy Making and Leadership Selection
    The Board is responsible for the development of policy as guides for administrative action and for employing a Principal to implement its policies.

    2. Appraisal
    The Board is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of its policies and their implementation.

    3. Approval of Employees
    The Board shall approve the hiring of faculty, support staff, and other employees including the creation of salary schedules, benefit plans, and human resource policies.

    4. Approval of a Yearly School Calendar and Schedule
    The Board shall approve a school calendar and overall school schedule for the coming academic year.

    5. Contract for Services
    The Board shall approve contracts as needed to operate the school. These contracts may include financial services, food services, special education services, etc.

    6. Provisions of Financial Resources
    The Board is responsible for adoption of a budget which will provide the wherewithal – in terms of buildings, staff, materials, and equipment – which will enable the school to carry out the Board’s policies.

    7. Public Relations
    The Board is responsible for providing adequate and direct means for keeping the patrons of the school informed about the school and keeping the school informed about the wishes of the patrons.

    8. Educational Planning and Evaluation
    The Board is responsible for establishing educational goals which will guide both the Board and the staff in working together toward the continuing improvement of the educational program. It is responsible to provide for the ongoing evaluation of the school program against the goals and objectives set forth by the State Board of Education.

    9. Appeals Board
    The UCAS Board of Trustees serves as a hearing board for appeals that are requested to go beyond the Principal. These appeals may relate to suspensions, expulsions, other issues and personnel issues.

    10. Required Duties
    The Board will fulfill any and all required duties as a public school governing board as defined in state law or rules. These may include making assurances, reviewing and approving student expulsions, financial duties, etc.

    Approved 2/18/2014