• Utah County Academy of Sciences

    2020-2021 Disclosure Document - Health Education 


    Mrs. Goddard-Room 207

    School Phone Number: 385 375 3021



    Course Description: 

    This course is dedicated to teaching high school students the skills they need to establish a healthy and safe lifestyle and enhance behaviors to resist unhealthy choices throughout their lifespan. Health Education will focus on the following material: Protective Factors, Mental and Emotional Health, Safety and Disease Prevention, Substance Abuse Prevention, Nutrition, and Human Development.


    This course fulfills the state high school requirement for a health class. 


    Course Textbook: Glencoe Health Bronson and Merki & Internet

    Supplemental Materials: Covey, S. (2017). The 6 most important decisions you'll ever make: A guide for teens: Updated for the digital age. London: Simon & Schuster.

    Botvin LifeSkills Training: Evidence Based Prevention Program for Schools, Families, and Communities.


    Evaluation: The student will receive a letter grade and health credit based on successful completion of the following:                        

    1. Assignments- Includes Class Work, 

    Homework, and Group Work             20%

    1. Discussions                                                                                                      10%
    2. Quizzes                                                                                                             20%
    3. End of Unit Tests/Projects               30%
    4. Final Project             20%

    Grading Standards: Based on point accumulation and percentage of points

    94-100=A 87-89=B+ 77-79=C+ 67-69=D+

    90-93= A- 84-86=B 74-76=C 64-66=D

    80-83=B- 70-73=C- 60-63=D-

    Class Rules:

    Respect one another. This includes being respectful to your peers, the teacher, and yourselves.  

    Be in your seat. Attendance is essential to success in this class. Students need to be in class before the bell rings. If a student enters class 10 minutes or more after the bell rings, they will be marked absent.

    No food or drink in class. Except for water in a container with a lid.

    Electronics out by Invitation Only

    Computers are only to be used during class by request of the teacher.  Using them for other class assignments during my class time will result in limited use of computers. 


    Chromebook check-out: If your chromebook is not usable or at home, you may borrow one during class. You must sign out the chromebook using the log book and return before leaving, plugged into the cart.


    Cell phones are to be on silent and put away in your back packs or parked in the garages during class. Otherwise I will take them for the remainder of the day, no exception!! 

    Attendance: Parents should follow current policies to excuse absences.  You are responsible for any material you missed. You must have a pink slip to enter class after the bell has rung. If students are aware that they will miss a class on an exam day, they should contact their teacher to make other arrangements. Exams that are missed due to sickness or emergencies must be taken upon return to school.  Students who have an unexcused absence on the day of an exam or who choose to miss an exam may be given an “F” for the exam at the discretion of the teacher.  Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the UCAS Administration. 


    Absences: It is the responsibility of the student to find out what assignments and class activities are missed when absent.  Come see me upon return. You will have one week from the date you come back to class to complete and turn in all makeup assignments. In circumstances where a prolonged absence or illness is involved, an extension of this limit may be arranged between student and teacher. Assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. cannot be made up if a student is identified as being truant from class.  


    Late Assignments: Assignments turned in late will receive 70% credit of earned grade until the end of the respective unit. At that point you will receive 0% credit. No assignments will be graded past the end of each unit.


    Academic Integrity: Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. The penalty for cheating and plagiarism will be a zero for the assignment. Disciplinary actions will follow according to school policy.


    Concerns: If you have concerns regarding anything please feel free to visit with me. I am good at solving problems, but can’t help solve the problem if I am not made aware of it. 

    Instructor availability:  I am available 8:30-9:00am before school starts in room 207, 7th period during my prep, and by appointment after school. 

    The student should keep a copy of this document for referral.