• The Policies and Procedures may be reviewed by clicking on the individual policies on the left menu bar. 

    The UCAS Policies and Procedures are set by the UCAS Board of Trustees. 

    Board Meetings are held from 3-4:30 pm every third Tuesday of the month in the UCAS Provo Building Board room. If the meetings are being conducted virtually due to current circumstances, a link to join the meeting can be found by clicking on the Board Meeting event on the UCAS calendar. The event will provide a link to a website listed under Contact information.  Clicking this link will take you to a Google calendar where a Zoom meeting link is available.

    The UCAS Board of Trustees welcomes public comment during most regular meetings and public hearings. Generally, Board members do not respond to public comment during the meeting or hearing. Board of Trustees members will work to be available to meet with members of the public by appointment as necessary. In addition, the Board members review letters and emails sent to the Board. Please click on the links below for additional information. 

    UCAS Board of Trustees Members

    Guidelines for Public Comment During UCAS Board of Trustees Meetings