• Office Hours:

    Monday-Friday 10am-2pm


    Although you will be working remotely, I want to make sure that I'm available to help you if you need it. My Office Hours are 10am-12pm Monday-Friday. I will be checking my email and responding to student questions during that time. If needed, we can open up a video chat using Google Hangouts. We may also potentially use Google Meet if we need to bring in more than one student, or Zoom which is another video conferencing app.

    If you need help outside of my office hours, Mr. Binford has offered to do-one on-one tutoring online. If you don't know Mr. Binford, he teaches Executive Success Skills here at UCAS Provo and he'll be joining the math department next year as a full time math teacherr.
    He will be available to help you Monday-Friday from 12-4pm but you need to sign up through this google doc. Turoting is on a first come first served basis. If you have further questions you can email him at kason.binford@ucas-edu.net.
    *Before you ask for help, make sure that you've watched the lesson videos, and read the lesson summary! I'm happy to help those who need EXTRA help, but you need to go through the lesson first and put some effort into learning on your own. You're also free to ask you classmates for help but you need to take quizzes on your own and submit your own work for homework assignments.