Policies and Procedures on




    Textbooks and teaching materials used by Mountainland Technology College (MTECH) and/or Utah Valley University (UVU) instructors either at Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS) or on the MTECH and/or  UVU campus will be selected by MTECH and/or UVU departments. For textbooks and teaching materials selected and used by UCAS, it will be the policy of the Board of Trustees to require that all instruction be on the highest level and consistent with the highest standards of the community.


    1. To accomplish this task and to monitor the on-going use of curriculum, instructional materials and textbooks, the Board of Trustees will require that an administrator review be instituted that will provide for screening of textbooks, library and other instructional materials consistent with the following areas of concern:
      1. That instruction and education materials adhere to the highest possible goals consistent with good educational and community expectations.
      2. That concepts which are contrary to the mainstream of the values of the community are to be considered suspect and are not to be taught as fact or presumed to be final.
      3. That the democratic and free enterprise system upon which this nation and state were founded be clearly taught and defended as the best and most promising forms of governmental and economic life.
      4. That all language, both written and spoken, whether directly or indirectly used for educational purposes, be of the most uplifting quality.  Language and communications including pictures that are lewd, debasing, and morally or sexually offensive are not to be used.
      5. That instructional materials be used only where they are age appropriate for the majority of the students to whom they are presented.


    1. Any patron or employee of UCAS who discovers material they consider “questionable or unsuitable” are to refer it immediately to the administrator of the school.


    Healthy Responsible Lifestyle Education (Sex Education)


    In accordance with Utah Admin. Code R277-474-1(B), the administration delegates to the Healthy Responsible Lifestyle Committee (“Committee”) that will ensure of Evidence-Based Learning and the responsibility for the review and selection of appropriate materials.


    1. The committee shall consist of the following: school administrators, one (1) health teacher, one (1) PTSO Leadership member or Community Council member.
    2. This committee will review commercial materials and professional programs considered for school use. Media, materials, presenters and presentations approved for use will be published and distributed to the schools.


    1. Proposed courses of study, instructional units, and teaching materials relating specifically to sex education shall be screened by the committee, and the approved list shall be submitted to the UCAS Administration for review and approval.


    1. Sex education shall be conducted within the framework of already existing courses such as Health, Biology, Psychology, Family and Consumer Science, and Physiology.

    Approved 2/15/2005
    Revised 01/2018
    Approved 02/2018

    Updated 10/2018