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Mr. Brent Clark

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Brent Clark - UCAS/UVU Instructor

UCAS Network Administrator


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During the Covid-19 break:  for my  ONLINE Classes, here are ways for Students and Parents to contact me:  

I check my email during the Weekday 9:00 a.m. thru 4:00 p.m.    ( )  

The students can also make contact with me thru the Canvas course.  


I will be using Canvas as my source of Instruction for both of my courses:    

INFO 2420 Web Page Design   &  FIN1060 (personal finance)   - All students should be checking this course email for any instructions:  


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Instructor Greeting

Welcome to my Web Page!

My name is Brent Clark, and I will be your instructor for this semester. I have been teaching here at UCAS & UVU since 2005.  My first opportunity in teaching was in the Granite School District back in 2003 at Matheson Jr. High in Magna, UT.   I was asked to teach Web Page Design and Personal Finance in 2005. 

I believe that a great instructor needs to help students fulfill their potential by inspiring them to try harder to achieve their goals. I also believe that teaching is a mutual process. To me, concepts are not the only thing that I want my students to remember. I always encourage my students to gain skills and improve critical thinking when they are learning any subject. Although I love being friends with my students, I believe rules and boundaries create a better environment for learning. At last, I believe that a great teacher should be able to inspire students to discover their potential. And I am always willing to help my students.

So, what is Web Design all about?

This course focuses on the design and construction of WWW Pages and maintenance of Web Sites in a multi-platform environment. Students learn the current HTML 5 standards and are exposed to the latest enhancements. Covers design concepts, page layout, and accessibility issues. INFO 2420 will cover HTML 5 in depth, as well as site management concepts, and current-generation design concepts. Students will also learn to use WYSIWYG Web authoring tools for code development and graphics. Individual projects will be assigned over the course of the semester. Students will also be introduced to JavaScript basics and learn how to incorporate existing code snippets and external files into their Web site.

So, What is Personal Finance all about? 


 This course is designed as elective credit toward a business degree and for individuals interested in acquiring personal financial planning skills. It covers personal financial management with emphasis on decision-making, budgeting, financial institutions, personal and family risk management, credit management, and estate planning. Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to prepare complete personal budgets and other family financial planning instruments.

Educational Background

BA in Business Management

Masters Secondary Education


Course Syllabus:  Web Page Design

Course Syllabus:  Personal Finance