Policies and Procedures on



    The Utah County Academy of Sciences, like other charter schools, is not required to follow the Utah Orderly Termination Act (UCA 53A-1a-512). It will be the policy of UCAS, however, to not dismiss any employee without just cause. Termination or dismissal shall be done by the principal or his/her designee in an orderly manner and without discrimination. Employees may also be dismissed for reasons such as declining enrollments, shortage of revenue, or for the elimination or reduction of a class, program, or services.

    1. Procedure for Termination
    If it is the intent to not renew an agreement or to terminate an employee, UCAS administration shall give written notice of the intent to the employee. The notice shall be delivered by certified mail or by personal delivery. The notice shall state the date of termination and the reason for termination. The notice shall also state that the employee is entitled to a due process hearing.

    2. Suspension or Unpaid Leave
    Suspension of an employee pending a hearing may be without pay if UCAS administration determines, after providing the employee with an opportunity for an informal conference to discuss the allegations, that it is more likely than not that the allegations against the employee are true and will result in termination. If the termination is not subsequently ordered, the employee shall receive back pay for the period of suspension without pay.

    3. Due Process Hearing
    An employee who has been notified that his/her agreement will not be renewed or that he/she is to be terminated has fifteen days from the receipt of the notification to request, in writing, a due process hearing with the UCAS Board. Failure to request a hearing constitutes a waiver of that right and termination or non-renewal will proceed.

    Approved 1/20/2015