Policies and Procedures on



    An effective educational program requires the services of individuals of integrity, high ideals, with an understanding of human nature. To maintain and promote these essential elements, all employees of the Utah County Academy of Sciences shall:

    1. Treat students, parents, fellow employees, and community members with dignity and respect, demonstrating fairness and sensitivity for ethnic, religious, and cultural heritage.

    2. Promote a safe, nurturing, and positive school and work environment.

    3. Establish and maintain open and positive communication with patrons and fellow employees.

    4. Maintain confidentiality concerning students, families, and other employees and avoid spreading rumors.

    5. Address problems, concerns and grievances in an appropriate manner, beginning with the person closest to the problem.

    6. Demonstrate knowledge of and act in accordance with school policies and procedures, as well as legal contractual standards, responsibilities, and obligations.

    7. Demonstrate a commitment to learning and professional growth.

    8. Dress professionally (see UCAS dress code policy JB).

    9. Model and promote appropriate language.

    10. Use facilities and equipment in a manner that protects school resources and property.

    11. Follow accepted accounting practices and School policy in a manner that protects assets and financial resources.

    12. Comply with the Utah Ethics Act and refrain from using one’s position for personal gain.

    13. Comply with the conditions outlined in the “Employee Computer Use Agreement” for the use of computers and the internet.

    Employees of the Utah County Academy of Sciences assume the responsibility for representing the School in a manner characterized by trust, morality, and ethical principles.

    Approved 1/20/2015