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Mr. Kelly Shurtz

I teach Computer Science courses at UCAS. I am available via email at

The first few weeks of school will consist mainly of establishing classroom procedures for: social distancing & sanitizing, learning new computer tools for student interaction and for accessing course content, getting setup in UVU concurrent enrollment courses, becoming acquainted with class rules and the course syllabus, etc. There are just a lot of things like these that will take time to setup, learn, and become comfortable with before we start learning about the course topics.           

I will be using UCAS Canvas to organize my course resources and to communicate with students about assignments. My Canvas courses are being newly created this year to operate well for both in-classroom and online learning. My courses will appear in Canvas and become accessible once they are ready for student use, but until then I will email students any class items.

The followinig course syllabus documents for the 2020-21 school year are accessible to students within Canvas, but are also available to view at these links...

    Information Common to all Mr. Shurtz Courses

    Specific to Computer Programming 1&2 (CS1400)

    Specific to Advanced Computer Programming (CS1410)

    Specific to Game Development Fundamentals