Mr. Kelly Shurtz



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Kelly Shurtz

I teach Electronics and Computer Programming.

My online office hours are: 10 to noon M-F. The bulk of my communication with students has been via Canvas assignment comments, but I have also used Google Meet a number of times to present information to the entire class, for group questions-answer sessions, and to work individually with students when needed. I am also available via email at

I use UCAS Canvas to organize my course resources, assignments, and class communication with students. Here is a link to my Electronics course, and one for my Computer Programming course. You will find an Online Course Overview near the top of the Home page in my Canvas courses, which explains how I am proceding with instruction online.

An announcement is posted in Canvas each day where I list the assignment for that day. These announcements appear at the very top of my Canvas Home page. There is also an Announcement link on the left side of the screen that, when opened, shows all of my daily announcements since going online. Note: if an announcement has a big dot next to it, that means it has not been opened and read yet. 

Due dates shown in my Canvas courses are to help students remain on schedule. My programming course imposes a 5% point reduction per calendar day for late submissions. My electronics course does not have a late penalty in place at this time.

I have updated this page twice since going online, and I will continue to update it when needeed. Please be patient with me. I will be patient and flexible with you.