• Virtual Classroom Spring 2020

    I will post a weekly overview each Monday. This will help you and your student schedule their week. This will be posted on Google Classroom. 

    Office Hours: 9:30-11:30 M-F

    Google Meets: Send me an email and I will invite you to a face to face meeting. 

    Assignments: All assignments are posted on Google Classroom. They are submitted there too. 

    Email: Lisa.Harrison@ucas-edu.net 

    I respond to email all day. It is usually within a couple of minutes of when I receive it. If you have a question, please reach out to me. 


    Welcome to UCAS and specifically to English 9th Honors 2019-2020 

    This is going to be an exciting year. We will be reading novels, autobiographies, short stories, essays, and poetry. We will also be working on becoming stronger writers. Reading and writing are both strengthened through practice.

    Contact Information: Mrs. Lisa Harrison email: lisa.harrison@ucas-edu.net.  I check my email several times a day. If you have an emergency, contact the main office (801) 863-2222.

    Class Website: We are a Google Classroom. Each student will receive a code to login into their class site. All assignments will be posted on this platform. Most assignments will be turned in via Google Classroom. Parents, if you would like to see the Google Classroom platform and get notifications and summaries about your student’s work, please include your email on the signature page, otherwise, you will not get notifications.  

    The official grade book (Aspire) is where you can see student grades. Not all assignments will be graded on Google Classroom. If in doubt, check Aspire. 

    Classroom Reading may include but not be limited to: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Comedy of Errors (two different plays), Les Miserables High School Edition (ISBN 9781549764745), The Pearl by John Steinbeck, assorted short stories, poems, informational texts, and TED talks. The main literature book we use is McDougal Littell The Language of Literature Grade 9 (ISBN 978-0395931721). If you decide to buy a copy for your student to use at home, make sure you get this version, it is orange. I have found used copies for under $10 on Amazon. The classroom book cannot be checked out, but most stories will be provided digitally on Google Classroom.  We may also form literature groups during the year, where students will be given a choice of several books to choose from. 

    9th Grade Essential Learning For English

    Key Assignments:

    • Reading
    • Vocabulary--Greek and Latin roots
    • Argumentative Writing
    • Narrative Writing
    • Informative/Explanatory Writing
    • At least one process paper each quarter (argumentative, narrative, informative/explanatory, and one additional).
    • Students will have homework from English at least twice per week in addition to their required reading.
    • Genius Hour (student-directed learning project)

    Google Email and Google Docs

    • We will be using Google. docs this year for writing assignments. When students have completed their writing, they will submit the work onto google classroom. If your student uses a different word processing program, they are not able to access it at school. I understand that Microsoft Word has some better features, but humor me on this one. Google.docs is available for no cost and transfers seamlessly from home to school. 
    • On occasion, I will ask for a hard copy of your assignment. Do not come to class and expect to have your assignments printed, this must be done before the beginning of class. 
    • All students at UCAS are provided with a Gmail account that is to be used for school purposes.  

    Classroom Rules

    • Be respectful: Of yourself, the teacher, your classmates, the classroom.
    • Honesty--cheating and plagiarism* will not be tolerated and will result in no credit on the assignment. If your student copies and pastes material from any source without proper citations, they will receive an automatic zero for that assignment. Believe me on this one! Even if they change a word or two or rearrange the words. The purpose of school is to learn and to grow. That means 9th-grade work should look like 9th-grade work, not like Wikipedia or an encyclopedia. Parents: Please do not do your student’s work for them...helping is ok, rewriting is not. 
    • Use class time to learn. This is not the time to finish your calculus homework or study for your science test. 
    • Be on time in your assigned sea, ready to begin when the bell rings. Walking in the door as the bell rings is considered tardy. Students will be sent to the main office for a tardy slip. 
    • Come to class with at least two writing utensils (pens or pencils), highlighters, a reading book, and writing a paper.  I personally prefer to write with a pencil, if that is your preference, go for it!
    • Be an active learner. This means no sleeping, talking, or texting during class.
    • Cell phones are not part of the classroom. All students will be asked to either leave their phone at home or park it in the classroom garage. If I see or hear a phone, I will ask you to park it. One of the things that causes the most distraction for student learning is their phone. Parents, please do not call or text your student during class. If there is a family emergency, call the office. They will come and get your student. 
    • Fidget toys are not allowed in class unless the accommodation is specifically written in an IEP or 504. While they are fun, they are extremely distracting. Ask me about the young man who told me that his spinner helped him to concentrate and then promptly walked into the street sign outside of UCAS. 
      • This includes spinners, Rubix cubes, fidget boxes, poppers, or any other toy that comes into popularity during the school year. This also includes personal computers. Either leave them at home, or park them with your phone in the garage (computers may stay in your backpack, but they may not come out during English, even if you have finished your work). 
      • If you play with a toy, I will take it from you. If you continue, I will keep the toy until the end of the term. 
      • Chromebooks need to be with you each and every day. Make sure they come to school fully charged. You will earn participation points (2 per day) for being technology prepared. If you forget your device, it isn’t charged, or you are off task, you will lose those points. 

    Utah State Core Standards

    UCAS follows the Utah State Core Standards which includes: Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language. For more information go to UEN.org. Utah Core Standards. In conjunction with those standards, sophomores will take the SAGE Language Arts assessment near the end of the year. If you have questions about this assessment, feel free to contact me or the administration. 


    Grading Scale:    A 94-100 A-   90-93

    B+   87-89        B 84-86    B-   80-82

    C+   77-79       C 74-76    C-   70-72

    D+   67-69             D 64-66 D-   60-62        F 59-0



    Late Work Policy: Each assignment has a due date and a due time. All late assignments will be penalized 50%. Students have one full week to turn in late work for partial credit (up to 50% credit). After the week, the assignment will not be accepted. If the original grade earned was 80/100, the assignment will be graded as follows: 100-50=50  50*.8=40. The final grade is 40/100. 


    After the week, assignments will not be accepted. Late work must be turned in with a late slip. The late slip has a spot for students to explain why their assignment is late. Late assignments will not be graded until the late slip is turned in even though you turn it in on google classroom. This applies to excused absences and illnesses. 


    Students are responsible for taking care of late work without reminders from me. I will not seek them out and ask them where their late work is. They need to be proactive, looking on google classroom for assignments and making sure to complete the assignment in the allotted time. After one week, late work will not be accepted. 


    End of term late work: I do not employ deathbed redemption in this class. In other words, do not come to me the last week of the term and ask what you can do to bring your grade up. All assignments will be posted on the classroom website with links for worksheets or reading when possible. 

    Extra Credit: None, please don’t ask. 

    Dropped Assignments: None, please don’t ask. 

    Insurance Policy: Students are given the opportunity very early each semester to complete an optional assignment as an insurance policy. The insurance policy can improve the grade on one assignment. It cannot be used to replace a zero because you didn’t do the assignment. 

    Bathroom usage:  Students will not be excused for the bathroom unless it is an emergency. Please use the bathroom during passing period. If it involves vomit, blood, or diarrhea, you will be excused. Otherwise, don’t ask. Your bladder can make it for 55 minutes. 

    Supplies Needed:

    • Writing utensils (pencil or pen). Make sure your student has an ample supply of pencils. If they are purchased at Back to School sales, they are very inexpensive. Students tend to run out pencils and paper around Winter Break and it is their responsibility to have their own supplies. Please help them come to school prepared.
    • Reading book--students must have a book with them at all times. If you finish an assignment before your classmates, you may read a literature book of your choice. This does not include a textbook from another class. 
    • Knowledge of their own Gmail address and the password that goes with the email (keep this private but be able to access your Gmail account. We will use Google.docs for all computer lab work).


    Email: I check my email lisa.harrison@ucas-edu.net several times each day. Feel free to contact me via email. If you have an immediate emergency, call the school and leave a message for me. I will return your call as soon as possible. 


    Disabilities: Several federal laws are designed to protect your child's educational rights. If your child has a learning disability or health considerations, he or she may qualify for additional protections or accommodations. Feel free to talk with an administrator or counselor for additional assistance. If your student has an IEP or 504 accommodation, that will apply to the late work policy. Sometimes I forget that a student has an accommodation, if that happens, just send me a quick email. I apologize ahead of time. 


    Reading: In addition to in-class reading assignments, you will be responsible for reading one book outside of class each month. Although reading newspapers, magazines, scriptures, and textbooks are important, the home reading requirement must be from a novel or appropriate work of literature at the student’s reading level. Students will join the UCAS Goodreads page and write a book review each month and the book they read. 

    *Plagiarism |ˈplājəˌrizəm| noun

    The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own (even big brother’s or Grandpa Fred’s). This will result in a zero for the assignment. Don’t do it, you are smarter than this! If you want to use a quote in your writing, make sure to cite the source and then explain the quote. If I suspect you have plagiarized in your writing, I will carefully--and crankily--document where the work came from originally. I will then provide Dr. Trevino with the evidence. She will have a heart to heart talk with you, record it in your school record, and explain the ramifications of ever doing it again. Trust me, this will not be a pleasant conversation.

    I have read the 2018-20189 UCAS English 10 Honors disclosure document. I have discussed it with my parents. I understand the late work policy and the plagiarism policy. You only need to turn this last sheet in. The other pages should be placed in your binder so you can reference them later.