• Dear Parents-

    We want registration to be an efficient, positive experience. Following the steps below BEFORE coming in to the school will greatly reduce your wait times. Parents should complete the registration forms with their students present as there are documents requiring signatures from both.

    The Utah County Academy of Sciences will adhere to the following schedule for registration:

    August 5: “Early Bird” registration. Both campuses open 8 – 3.

    August 6 – 7: Registration Closed.

    August 10: Official registration start date. Registration will start at 2 pm and be available until 6 pm.

    August 11: 8 – 3. Recommended for students with last names A – M.

    August 12: 8 – 3. Recommended for students with last names N – Z.


    Registration steps:

    1. Complete and sign the required forms.
      1. The required forms can be viewed or printed from here: https://www.ucas-edu.net/Page/420
      2. Please fill out the following documents and either send them to whitney.ferguson@ucas-edu.net or print them to bring with you when you come into the school.
    1. Home Language Survey
    2. Signature Page
    • Fees Voucher
    1. Optional: Parent Volunteer Form
    2. Optional: Yearbook Staff Application
    3. Optional: Fee Waiver Application
    • Optional: Free and Reduced Lunch Application
      1. We will have additional copies of all documents available at the school.


    1. Schedule Pickup. Schedules for Fall Semester will be available at the school and on SIS (see step 7 for instructions on logging into SIS).


    1. Pay fees. We recommend doing this online.
      1. Paying by check is the cheapest online option. Here is a link: https://secureinstantpayments.com/sip/cart/event.php?EID=1734
      2. You can also pay at the school to avoid a surcharge.


    1. Deposit money in your student’s lunch account. Here is the link: https://secureinstantpayments.com/sip/?ID=25205


    1. Login into your student email.
      1. Please wait until MONDAY, August 3 to complete this step.
      2. UCAS uses gmail for student email addresses. Go to gmail.com. Your username is firstname.lastname@ucas-edu.net
      3. Your password will be sent in a separate email.


    1. Come to the school.  

    Provo Campus: 2121 N 550 W, Provo, 385-375-3021

    Orem Campus: 940 W 800 S, Orem, 801-863-2222

    You will complete the following activities

      1. In our computer lab, you will register for your UVU concurrent enrollment classes. Please bring your 8-digit UV ID number.
      2. Turn in required forms listed in step 1.
      3. Turn in optional forms listed in step 1.
      4. Pay fees if you elect not to pay online.
      5. Pickup up your schedule and meet with a UCAS counselor if needed.


    1. Login to SIS. Aspire SIS is the system UCAS uses to track grades and attendance. Here is a link to the login screen: https://ucas.usoe-dcs.org/Login/
      1. Instructions for students:
    1. You will receive your UCAS ID number in a separate email.
    2. Your password will be “studentUCASID” (without the quotes).
      1. Instructions for parents:
    1. If you are not already registered on SIS as a parent, go to https://ucas.usoe-dcs.org/Register. You will need your student’s UCAS ID number and date of birth.
    2. Follow the instructions to create an account.


    1. Apply for your UVU Activity Card. You only need to do this if you are a new student.


    1. Your bus pass will not work until you have registered for at least 1 class at UVU.
    2. Getting your UVU activity card can (and should) be done completely online this year. Cards will be mailed to you, regardless of whether you apply online or in person.
    3. Follow this link for instructions: https://www.uvu.edu/campusconnection/cards/


    1. Have Questions? We are happy to help you with any of these steps. Please be aware that during registration we may be difficult to reach by phone. If you would like help going through these steps, please come into the school and we would be happy to assist you.