• Dear Parents-

    We want registration to be an efficient, positive experience. Following the steps below BEFORE coming in to the school will greatly reduce your wait times. Parents should complete the registration forms with their students present as there are documents requiring signatures from both.

    Registration for the Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS) will begin on August 1 and continue through August 9. The office will be open these days from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm for both campuses.

    Registration steps:

    1. Complete and sign the required forms.
      1. For new students:
        1. The required forms can be viewed or printed from here: https://www.ucas-edu.net/Page/420
        2. Please print the signature page and contact information page to be turned in to the front office when you come to register your student.
    • We will have additional copies of all documents available at the school.
    1. For returning students:
      1. Go to: https://ucas.usoe-dcs.org/Students/Register/Start
      2. Use the options on the RIGHT side of the page to log in to SIS with a PARENT account.
    • Read the information and then select the current school year tab.
    1. Select the grade your student will be enrolling in.
    2. Read all of the online required forms and then have both student and parent sign them.
    3. Print the contact information page and fill it out to be turned into the front office when you come to register your student. We will have additional copies of all documents available at the school.
    1. Complete the Home Language Survey. Here is a link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSew47VmFMqRHWwbzqbqRnIiMWJPWlh8AxyQV_MyRW5oQabm_w/viewform?usp=sf_link
    2. Complete any optional forms. Bring the completed forms with you when you come to UCAS to complete your registration. We will also have extra copies of these forms available during registration. Review the optional forms here: https://www.ucas-edu.net/Page/420
    3. Pay fees. We recommend doing this online. Paying by check is the cheapest online Here is a link: https://secureinstantpayments.com/sip/cart/event.php?EID=1734
    4. Chromebooks: Pick up for Chromebooks with only be available at the PROVO location.
    5. Deposit money in your student’s lunch account. Here is the link: https://secureinstantpayments.com/sip/?ID=25205
    6. Login to SIS. Aspire SIS is the system UCAS uses to track grades and attendance. Here is a link to the login screen: https://ucas.usoe-dcs.org/Login/
      1. Instructions for students:
        1. You will receive your UCAS ID number in a separate email.
        2. If you are a new student, your password is the first three letters of your last name, followed by the first letter of your first name, followed by your six digit birth date. For example, if my student’s name is Suzy Anderson and her birthday it July 24, 2004, then her password would be ands072404.
      2. Instructions for parents:
        1. At least one parent created an SIS login during orientation last spring. The username is typically your email address.
        2. If you cannot remember your password, there is an option to reset it on the login screen. If you have trouble resetting your password, please let us know when you come in to complete your registration.
      3. Login in to your student email.
        1. UCAS uses gmail for student email addresses. Your email address is lastname@ucas-edu.net
        2. Your password will be sent in a separate email.
        3. ALL students will have a new password.
      4. Come to the office. In the office you will register for your concurrent enrollment classes through UVU. You will also be able to turn in any of the optional forms and pay your fees if you elect not to pay online.

    We are happy to help you with any of these steps. Please be aware that during registration we may be difficult to reach by phone. If you would like help going through these steps, please come in to the school and we would be happy to assist you.