• Dear UCAS Student and Parents:                                                                               

    Greetings from UCAS!  We hope you are enjoying your summer.  We also hope that you are excited to start school at UCAS soon. Please make sure to mark the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL as Thursday, August 12th on your calendar.  

    Please mark these important dates on your calendar: 

    • Week of July 26: Watch for an email with specific registration information. The email will give you updated information about UVIDs, school fees, waivers, course schedules, etc. If you would like this information before July 26, scroll down.
    • Registration Schedule  
      • August 3: Both campuses open 9 – 3. Recommended for student with last names A – M.
      • August 4: Both campuses open 9 - 3. Recommended for students with last names N – Z.
      • August 6: Both campuses open 9 – 3. 
    • August 12th: Fees are due. First day of school.
    • August 19th: Senior Kick-Off – REQUIRED for all seniors!
    • August 23rd: First day of UVU classes.
    • August 25th: Back to school night – both campuses. ALL parents are encouraged to attend.

    UCAS uses e-mails to communicate with students and parents.  If your e-mail contact information changes, please contact Julie Schiffman at Julie.schiffman@ucas-edu-net or Luz Mariscal at luz.mariscal@ucas-edu.net.  

    If you prefer written or e-mailed communication in Spanish, please contact your school counselor to let us know.

    We look forward to seeing you!


    The UCAS Administration


    • School fees are due by the first day of school on Thursday, August 12th and may be paid beginning August 4th. Fees are non-refundable. 
    • Upon payment of fees (online or in the office with cash, check or credit card) the student may pick up his/her 2021 class schedule. 
    • Senior students at UCAS will be charged minimal fees. Senior students should plan on using the money they would have spent on school fees to purchase the books that they will need for UVU classes. 
    • A copy of the approved UCAS fee schedule may be found here.

    Fee Waiver and Free and Reduced Lunch:

    1. Free and Reduced Lunch Application available online for you to download, or in the office. Please submit the application to UCAS during registration or before school starts.
    2. Please note that the Fee Waiver Application is a separate form from the Free and Reduced Lunch Application.


    • ALL Students – if you have problems with your UCAS class schedule, counselors will be available during registration. Changes to schedules must be made by the end of the first week of school.
    • ALL students who have a UVU class on campus, please do NOT make UVU class changes without first getting approval from your UCAS counselor.  If you do make changes, please be aware your graduation may be affected, and you will end up paying for the class and fees.


    • ALL NEW UCAS students may pick up their UVU ID card after August 4th. UCAS will pay for the first UVU I.D. card if you wait to pick it up until after you register for your CE classes (see information about registration below). If you need a replacement card during the year, UVU will charge you, not UCAS.  Please make sure to ask for your bus pass at the time you pick up your UVID card – a FREE UTA pass will be embedded in your UVID card.
    •  To obtain your UVID card, after you have registered for your CE class at UCAS, you will need to go to Campus Connection, located in UVU’s Sorensen Student Center, with your UVU ID number and a government- issued photo id.  Please visit the Campus Connection website for business hours and acceptable forms of ID: www.uvu.edu/campusconnection  and click “Student I.D.” and scroll down to “Concurrent Enrollment High School I.D. Cards”.
    • ALL returning UCAS students your UTA bus pass will be activated after you have registered for your Concurrent Enrollment classes at UCAS beginning August 4th. You will not need a new UVID card as they are good for five years.