• Dear Parents,


    Dear Parents and Students,


    The COVID-19 case counts continue to rise in Utah County. We are doing our best to educate your students and help them stay healthy. While the counts are rising in the county, the numbers at UCAS are staying low and fairly steady. Starting today, we will begin to report the case counts on a weekly basis. They will be updated before Monday morning of each week.


    Here is a link to the page with all of our COVID-19 resources: https://www.ucas-edu.net/domain/150


    In addition to the update, we have added another resource to our COVID-19 information page. It is a daily checklist. Please review this checklist each day before sending your student to school. We want to stay open as long as possible and we need your help! Send your students to school healthy. If you have doubts or questions, we would encourage you to choose the safe side. You can contact our school nurse at Brittany.hurst@ucas-edu.net if you would like more information. We also have forehead thermometers at school. Please have your student see an administrator if they would like to check their temperature at any time during the school day.


    Our students have been good to wear their masks. Please remind them to stay socially distanced during lunch (even when they are outside), wash and sanitize their hands regularly, and resist touching their faces.


    We can work together to slow the spread and now is not the time to let our guard down. Stay mindful to stay healthy.



    The UCAS Administration


    The UCAS Administration