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    In an effort to maintain a safe school environment that is conducive to the educational climate and mission of UCAS, the following rules shall apply to all visitors and to all activities during the school day:

    1. Parents or guardians of students are welcome and encouraged to come to the school at any time; however, they must sign in at the main office.

    2. All visitors must sign in at the main office and obtain clearance before visiting any classroom, activity or student. Approved visitors will be issued a UCAS visitor pass which must be worn and remain visible during the entire UCAS visit and surrendered upon exit to the main office staff.

    3. Visitors may visit UCAS between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., if there is an educational reason for the visit. Educational reasons may include a visit with a teacher or counselor, a tour of the school for a potential new student or any educational reason that has been approved by an administrator.

    4. Visitors may not loiter in the parking lot or in the immediate vicinity.

    5. The UCAS administration will determine appropriate action or consequences for violations of this policy.

    Visitor Policy Clarifications

    When the policy refers to “UCAS” or the “school”, it is referring to both UCAS buildings, the surrounding play fields, parking lots, and all locations used by UCAS for classes or activities.

    Visitors who are accompanied by an administrator or a member of the office staff are not required to obtain a visitor pass from the office.
    The term “loiter” used in the visitor policy is defined as “to stand doing nothing in particular”, “to remain in or hang around an area for no obvious purpose”, or “to wander aimlessly in or about a place.”

    The consequences of violating this policy may include being escorted off campus, being escorted off campus by the campus police, being charged with trespassing (Utah Code 76-6-206), being charged with disrupting a school (Utah Code 76-9-10).

    Approved 9/16/2014