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    2021-2022 Disclosure Document - Executive Success Skills


    Morgan Goddard (Period 3 & 8)                                                                                  



    Executive Success Skills is a time for students to practice career exploration, work on effective study techniques, develop organization and implementation skills, receive help with coursework from other classes, practice practical life skills, and to learn how to build positive relationships.


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be respectful of yourself, the teacher, your classmates, and the classroom.
    • Never give up! Failure is a stepping stone to success.
    • Honesty is expected. Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated, and will result in no credit on the assignment.
    • Be on time and in your assigned seat, ready to begin classwork when the bell rings. Walking in the door as the bell rings is considered tardy. Students not following this expectation will be sent to the main office for a pink tardy slip.
    • Be an active learner.
    • Cell phones and headphones are not part of this classroom. All students will be asked to either leave their phones turned off in their backpacks or park them in the classroom garage (if available). Parents, please do not text or call your student during class. If there is a family emergency, call the office, and they will deliver the message to your student.
    • Fidget toys are not allowed in class unless the accommodation is specifically written in an IEP or 504. While they are fun, they are extremely distracting.
    • Students must know their own school gmail address and the password that goes with the email. (Keep this information private but students must be able to access their school gmail account.)
    • Students must know how to navigate Canvas and Aspire along with appropriate sign in protocol.




    Students will receive various assignments that are designed to expand horizons and develop skills. There will be time given in class to complete most assignments. Assignments will at times be hand-written. Students will also earn participation points for engaging in the activities of the class. Failure to participate will result in losing points.


    Late Work Policy:

    Assignments turned in late will receive 70% credit of earned grade until one week past the due date. At that point you will receive 0% credit. No assignments will be graded past one week. 


    Grading Scale:

    90% or higher: A

    Traditional grades for below 90%


    Extra Credit: none                   


    Dropped Assignments: Three lowest grades will be dropped each term.


    Supplies Needed:

    A writing utensil will be required for class (pens or pencils), highlighters if desired, spiral notebook or composition notebook for journaling, notebook paper and a book to read.


    Email: I check my email regularly each school day. Feel free to contact me via email. If you have an immediate emergency, call the school and leave a message and I will return your email/call as soon as possible.

    I have read the 2021-2022 UCAS Executive Success Skills Disclosure Document. I have discussed it with my parents. I understand what is expected of me. 


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