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    MTECH’s registration date is April 20, 2021 at 8:00am for the fall semester. This registration date is for all defined entry classes (Automotive, Digital Marketing & Analytics, Pharmacy, CNA, EMT, Dental, Culinary, etc.) All other OE/OE Programs (Medical Assistant, IT, etc.) will register a month before the class begins. 

    In-person tours are available again! This is a great opportunity for students to go see the labs and classrooms, and see if MTECH is a good fit for them. Students can make a tour appointment at any MTECH campus at mtec.edu/tours. If an in-person tour appointment doesn’t work for your student, they can also make an appointment to speak with an MTECH recruiter over the phone. They can make this appointment at the same link, mtec.edu/tours

    Mrs. Fife, our College and Career Coordinator can provide additional information as well.