• Teacher Name: Mr. Ashton

    Email: gary.ashton@ucas-edu.net

    Courses: CSP, WebDev 

    LMS: UCAS Canvas


    Success Tips:

    1. Follow the UCAS Canvas course modules and submit required assignments for the given Module.

    2. Clarify any questions you have via Email. I respond to email daily.

    3. For in-person assistance, Zoom is available by appointment via my Email. The Link is on the Communications and Contact Information page in the Link and Resources module. 

    4. Read the lesson entries in the Canvas Course module carefully and respond to everything requested.



    1. Why is my Canvas course grade different from the Aspire grade?

         a. This will happen when Aspire and Canvas have not synchronized for a given time period. Usually, a nightly resync will correct the problem. If it doesn’t, then always go by the Canvas score and grade.


    2. What leeway do I have in submitting assignments?

         a. I am more interested in you learning from the assignments. Therefore, I can be flexible when you get behind on assignments, but by the end of a given unit then any missed assignments will be entered as zero.


     3. Why is keeping notes in my Logbook so important if I am doing all the assignments anyway?

         a. First, you can always use your Logbook notes as help in any unit exams or quizzes. Second, it has been proven that writing things down in your own words will help you retain that knowledge and information much longer. Finally, you are much better prepared for any group or class discussion that takes place and you will be a much more valuable participant in those discussions. 


    4. What if I do not like being called upon in class for responses? 

         a. I expect everyone to participate in class discussions when called upon and, therefore, you need to be prepared whenever possible. If you find you are not prepared on a given day, then send me an email or let me know before class begins and I will give you a one-day reprieve.