Trust-Land Goals

  • Goal 1

    As UCAS examined its Student Needs Assessment Data from its counseling survey we selected a goal to provide resilience courses, based on our students needs. This goal was chosen to help improve student achievement in all academic areas of study, through recognizing strategies to overcome failures and readjust to improve. UCAS is providing the opportunity for incoming freshmen and sophomore’s students to receive resilience strategies, through resilience courses. Students will have a trained teacher who is capable of teaching the necessary skills needed in order to develop an understating of how to navigate beyond the academic challenges which inevitably occur for every student.

    Academic Areas
    • Reading
    • Mathematics
    • Writing
    • Science

    Each semester we will enroll all students in a resilience advisory class. Students will be surveyed pre and post resilience training to see if their self-reported resilience has improved over the year. Adjustments will then be made to subsequent year’s trainings.

    Action Plan Steps
    Proposed Verbiage: Students will be enrolled in resilience advisory courses.
    Counselors will train and assist in the administration of the resilience strategies each year.
    Counselors will compare the resilience and needs assessment scores of the students with state and national information.
    A score report will be produced that indicates the resilience scores of UCAS students


    Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200 4 sections of resilience are taught each year. The teachers hourly wage for this course (and benefits) = $84.00 each day x 180 days = $15,120

    Goal 2
    It is the goal of UCAS to provide tutoring in math and science both before and after school in order to improve student achievement.

    Academic Areas
    • Mathematics
    • Science

    UCAS will run grade lists each term. The number of D and F grades in math and science courses will be compared to the term before in order to see if the students are receiving fewer failing grades. Students who are receiving Ds and Fs will be referred to the math and science tutors/teachers for additional before and after school assistance.

    Action Plan Steps
    UCAS will run grades each term.
    UCAS will review student grades.
    Students with D and F grades will be referred to before and after school tutoring.
    Each semester, a final grade report will be run and compared to the semester before in order to ascertain if tutors are making a positive impact on students receiving their grades.
    Fund before and after school tutors.


    Category Description Estimated Cost

    Total: $25,549
    Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) Before and after school math tutor $10.00 per hour x 2 hours per day. $20.00 a day x 180 days = $3,600 Before and after school biology tutor $25.00 per hour x 2 hours per day = $50.00 a day $50.00 per day x 180 days = $4,500 $4,500 per year x 2 tutors = $9,000 Total = $14,600. Advisory Tutoring: Math, Science = 5000; Benefits of 3 teachers =$6000 $25,549
    Summary of Estimated Expenditures

    Category Estimated Cost
    (entered by the school)

    Total: $40,669

    Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) $40,669
    Funding Estimates
    Estimates Totals
    Estimated Carry-over from the 2017-2018 Progress Report $0
    Estimated Distribution in 2018-2019 $40,669
    Total ESTIMATED Available Funds for 2018-2019 $40,669

    Summary of Estimated Expenditures For 2018-2019 $40,669

    This number may not be a negative number Total ESTIMATED Carry Over to 2019-2020 $0

    Increased Distribution

    The 2018-2019 distribution in this plan is an estimate. If the actual distribution is more than the estimate, how will additional funds be spent to implement the goals described in the plan?

    If there is an increase in funds, UCAS will apply the additional funds to the Science and Math tutoring program.

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    Board unanimously approved changes on: Sept. 18, 2018.
    Board members present who voted were:
    • Ghislaine Caussat (parent)
    • Serene Bean (parent)
    • Kim Haws (parent)
    • Abraham Teng (UVU re0)
    • Trevor Warburton (UVU rep)