Community Council/ Parent Advisory Agenda

    January 28, 2019



    A. Welcome,Introductions,Materials


    B. Review/approve Minutes from last meeting


    C. Proposed UCAS trust/ foundation/fundraising plan:  Annalee Zeidner, guest


    D. Proposed curriculum for Human sexuality 2020-2021- Darla Wenger


    E. Data Report: Principal Jennilyn Derbidge


    F. Proposed Fee Schedule for 2020-2021


    G. Slack for Communication- update/questions? - Aaron Jorgensen


    H. Thank You for State Representatives and Senators: Kristy/JoAnne

        (council members please fill out a thank you card provided at today’s meeting)


    I. Marketing - Enrollment for 2020-2021- Rosanna


    J. Review of Future Meetings and Topics 

       February 25 - Trust Lands Plan/Budget for 2020-2021

                              Teacher and Student Success Plan (TSSP)

       March 24 -Review and finalize Trustlands Plan 

       April 28 - Review of Year/Preview of 2020-2021, membership, and implementation of Trustlands Plan