• 1. Students who come from an accredited high school must be registered for and complete the entire full year of the 8th or 9th grade (typically 6 to 8 credits per year) before entering UCAS. All credit and class deficiencies should be corrected before June 1st (the spring before the student wishes to enter UCAS) and verified by a report card or transcript.

    2. UCAS will not accept students who have accelerated ahead of their age appropriate class. The student’s date of birth must be between Sept. 1st, 2006 and August 31st, 2007 for the 9th grade in the 2021-2022 school year.

    3. All students must be current on their immunizations as per Utah State law.

    4. UCAS does not require students to be U.S. citizens or have permanent resident status to enroll in high school, concurrent enrollment, and MTECH courses. However, UVU on-campus classes will require documentation to verify a student’s resident status. UCAS does not pay “non-resident” tuition. If you do not qualify for resident tuition, be sure to talk to a counselor about the other options offered at UCAS.

    5. UCAS will not enroll students for a partial schedule, and students may not be dual enrolled at another public high school while attending UCAS. All UCAS students must carry at least five credit producing classes each semester. Seniors taking at least 12 UVU credits, or are enrolled in an MTECH program are considered full time students. UCAS offers a very limited number of on-line options for students with unique needs.
    *As per state law, if a student wishes to take a course from the “Statewide Online High School Program” will be required to drop a UCAS or UVU class for every online class taken.

    6. UCAS enrollment is currently capped at 220 9th graders, 220 10th graders, and 180 11th graders. Applicants will be accepted based on availability.  UCAS will not accept new 12th grade students into the UCAS early college high school program at any time.

    7. Students wishing to attend UCAS must be English Language proficient before participating in concurrent enrollment and on-campus classes. Students MUST be able to read at a college level, write papers at a college level and be able to solve problems using Secondary Math concepts. Students must also be willing to do homework every evening, ask questions and to be responsible for their actions.

    8. Since the vast majority of UCAS classes are concurrent enrollment, on campus UVU classes, and MTECH courses -students must be ready to do college level work the first day they begin the UCAS

    program. UVU concurrent enrollment classes and the UCAS Early College tuition scholarship require a 3.0 GPA minimum. There are no exceptions.

    9. Because on-time attendance is critical for success in any academic course, UCAS students should be responsible and prepared to attend school on time, every day. Attendance must always be above 90%. Students and families should be aware that UCAS holidays may not coincide with local school district holidays.

    10. UCAS will pay the tuition and fees for UVU on-campus classes if the student is eligible and if the class meets the UCAS Early College scholarship requirements. UCAS will not pay for UVU classes if the student is not currently being successful. See the UCAS handbook for specific eligibility requirements.

    Any variation from the above must be approved by the UCAS Review Committee and will be subject to all UCAS Policies and reviewed by the UCAS administrative team. Variances will be considered for unusual cases only.