• To check your student's lunch account balance or make a payment please follow these instructions.
    • Go to our website https://www.ucas-edu.net/
    • Click on the icon Online Lunch Payments.
    • Create a new account and sign in.
    • Enter your student's Last name, First name and 4 digit ID number. (Please call 385-375-3021 for Provo, or 801-863-2222 for Orem if you do not know your student's 4 digit ID number.)
    • Confirm that is your student.
    • You then have the option to Make a payment or Set up Low-balance Auto-payment
    Please allow for 1-2 business days for your online payment to show up on the account.  
    Note there is a service charge each time you make a payment online.

    You can manage multiple student, faculty, or patron payment accounts with just one login.
    To do so, go to the Manage Accounts page with the link on the left side of the page (if you are on a mobile device you will need to click the black triangle on the left edge of the page) and click on Add another ... account.
    Payments must be made on a per-student basis.

    Other payment options include:

    1.  Calling our Provo location at 385-375-3021 or Orem at 801-863-2222 to pay over the phone with no fees. (Credit or Debit)
    2. Sending Cash or Check with your student to the Kitchen Office.