Policies and Procedures on



    This policy includes but is not limited to the following electronic devices: laser pointers, beepers, cell phones, Blackberry, iPhone, hands-free devices, cameras of any type, personal laptops or other computers or electronic games.

    1. No electronic devices shall be used at school during class time without teacher permission.
    2. Students may have electronic devices in their possession but they must be turned off during class and during testing or assessment.
    3. Electronic devices may be appropriately used during lunch time, at class breaks and before and after school.  If, however, that device causes a disturbance on school grounds, it may be confiscated.
    4. Students shall not use electronic devices at any time or place for:
      1. Activities which disrupt the educational environment,
      2. Illegal activities in violation of state or federal laws or regulations
      3. Unethical activities, such as cheating on assignments or tests,
      4. Immoral or pornographic activities,
      5. Activities which violate Board of Trustees policies and procedures relating to student conduct and harassment,
      6. Activities which invade the privacy of others.
    5. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the UCAS administration for the following reasons:
      1. Medical reasons,
      2. Teacher permission (instructional use),
      3. Emergency,
      4. Other reasons approved by the UCAS administration.
    1. Consequences for Violation of this policy
    1. Teachers (employees, counselors, technicians, secretaries, other staff, etc.) may confiscate electronic devices during class time if used in violation of the above guidelines.
    2. Confiscated electronic devices will be returned to the student or to the parent.
    3. Refusal to surrender electronic devices upon request is considered insubordination and will result in suspension.
    4. Misuse of electronic devices may result in students losing computer access, Mountainland Technology (MTECH) and/or Utah Valley University (UVU) access, suspension, or expulsion.
    5. Electronic equipment that has been seized may be subject to search.
    1. Other provisions
    1. Picture taking or recording by students is strictly forbidden in school or school activity private areas such as locker rooms, counseling sessions, restrooms, etc.
    2. Students are responsible for their own electronic devices.  If devices are borrowed or taken and misused by non-owners, device owners are jointly responsible for the misuse or policy violation(s).
    3. Parents and students will be notified of this policy as early as possible in the school year.  The policy will be covered in the Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS) Student Handbook.

    Approved 3/19/2013

    Updated 10/2018