Policies and Procedures on 



    It is the policy of the Utah County Academy of Sciences to admit foreign students.  To gain admittance, foreign students must qualify and comply with the guidelines spelled out by the United States Information Agency (USIA), the Utah State Office of Education and all UCAS policies and procedures. 

    In order to accommodate and facilitate placement of students from foreign countries into UCAS, the following procedures must be fulfilled:


    1.  The student must be exempted by the Utah State Office of Education as a qualified foreign exchange student.  These exemptions must be cleared by the UCAS administration before the student can be enrolled.
    2.  UCAS reserves the right to deny enrollment under the following circumstances:
      1.   When the English proficiency of the student is so inadequate as to prevent him/her from benefiting from the experience.
      2.   When the total number of foreign students reaches a ratio of one per 100 regular students.
      3.   When there are already two students from the same country who are currently enrolled in the school.
      4.   If the student is a bona fide “exchange” student and has already spent one year in Utah.


    1.  Make application for admission initially through the UCAS administration where the application form will be initiated, and availability of placement will be authorized.
    2.  Potential students must have the proper visa and must strictly adhere to the requirements of the U.S. Immigration Certificate of Eligibility, Form I-20, and have it completed and signed by the UCAS administration or his designee prior to the time they appear at the school for registration into class.
    3.  Approval and placement at UCAS should be arranged at least three weeks in advance of the student’s departure from his native country.
    4.  Approval of requests will depend on the student’s ability to comply with the following:
    5.   The student’s English language skills are confirmed.
    6.   The student is not older that seventeen as of September 1st of the year attending.
    7.   The student meets all immunization requirements of the U.S. and the State of Utah.
    8.   The student will be enrolled as a full time student.
    9.   The student agrees to comply with all school rules governing attendance, rules of conduct, academic standards, etc, or risk relinquishing his/her right to stay in this country.  (Recall the I-20)
    10. The student will provide a valid transcript translated for UCAS counselors.  It must contain a school record of courses and credit earned. The student or sponsor will provide a name, address, and telephone number of a counselor/administrator at the student’s immediate past school.
    11. Foreign exchange students attending for only one year at UCAS are not eligible for graduation.
    12. A foreign exchange student may attend only one year at UCAS.
    13. If concurrent enrollment or Mountainland Technology College (MTECH), or Utah Valley University (UVU) on campus class are taken by an English Language Learner, the student must adherer to MTECH and/or UVU’s guidelines for college and/or university course placement.

    Approved 04/16/2019