Policies and Procedures on



         The Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS) may allow for student clubs in order to provide school participation opportunities for students who are enrolled at UCAS.

    1. Club Approval

    All clubs at UCAS must be approved by the UCAS Review Committee.  The Review Committee members are selected each year by the Director of Counseling from the faculty and counselors.  The Review Committee must contain at least three members. The Review Committee also reviews the operations and success of the clubs.  Approved clubs must have an established purpose which supports the educational mission of UCAS and is tied to a specific curriculum. Clubs must have a faculty advisor approved by the UCAS administration.  The Review Committee may exempt a club from the authorization process if the club is governed by a state or national organization such as the National Honor Society (NHS). UCAS clubs are for UCAS students only.

    1. Application Process

    The written application for approval of a UCAS club must include the following:

    1. The applicant’s names including faculty and students
    2. The requested club name
    3. The requested regular meeting times, dates, and places
    4. A statement of the club’s purpose, goals, and activities
    5. A statement assuring that the club will comply with all applicable laws, rules, and policies
    6. A budget showing the amount and source of any funding provided or to be provided to the club and the proposed use of the funds
    7. Requirements for membership
    8. A club constitution or bylaws which will include the process of selecting club leadership, etc.
    9. A statement of the club’s curricular categorization (athletic, economic/ business, communications, community service, science, computers, art/music/performance, or other).  

    Each club application must be approved, denied, or investigated by the Review Committee in a timely manner.  If an application is denied, written reasons for the denial or results of the investigation shall be stated and, if appropriate, suggested corrections to remedy the deficiency given.  

    1. Parent Consent

    A student must obtain written consent from their parent or guardian before joining a UCAS club or participating in any club activities.  The consent form must include important information regarding the club so that the parent can make an informed decision. The consent form is not required for attendance to introductory meetings but those meetings must be approved by the administration.

    1. Club Guidelines

    All club activities and programs must be planned and organized so that they are not detrimental to the physical, emotional, psychological, or moral well being of students.  They should not interfere with the maintenance of order and discipline on the school premises nor should they interfere with the orderly conduct of the school’s educational activities.  All club fees must be approved by the Board of Trustees and shall be published with the approved school fee schedule.

    1. Appeal Procedures

    If a club is denied, suspended, or terminated by the Review Committee, the club, advisor or person directly affected by the decision has 10 days to file a written appeal to the UCAS administration. The administration will issue a written determination within a reasonable amount of time.  The decision of the administration is final.

    Approved 2/17/2009

    Updated 10/2018