Policies and Procedures on


    Dress and Grooming



    Some forms of dress and hair styling tend to attract improper attention to the individual and sometimes interfere with the normal educational process.  All students are expected to conform to the standards of dress and grooming outlined below when participating in any school activity. The only exceptions shall be for certain special days or activities which are declared exempt by the school administration.  Personal exceptions will be determined by the administration.

    Standards for Students:

    1. Hair shall be neat, clean and well groomed. The coloring of hair with neon or bright colors or patterns including costume spray is not acceptable. Extreme styles such as Mohawks and spikes are not acceptable.
    2. Clothing shall be modest, neat, clean, and in good repair.  Students must wear shoes. Clothing and/or jewelry shall not be worn which displays obscene or suggestive words or pictures or which advertises any substance which a student cannot legally possess or use. Clothing shall be worn so as to cover the shoulders, chest, midriff, and back. Underwear must always be covered and not be visible.  Short shorts, biking shorts, extremely short skirts or dresses, low rider pants, tank, halter, crop tops, and spaghetti straps do not meet the modesty standards of the Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS). Skirts and shorts length must be at least mid-thigh (please no more than 3 inches above the knee). Skirt slits and holes in jeans must also comply with this policy.  The UCAS Board of Trustees has asked the UCAS Administration to use their best judgment in evaluating violations of this policy.
    3. The wearing of bandanas, chains or any article of clothing or jewelry that may be associated with gangs or bearing any gang symbols, names, initials, insignia or anything else which signals gang affiliation and/or is worn for the purpose of signifying gang membership, is not allowed.
    4. As a show of respect for our school, we ask that headwear (hats, bandanas, caps, etc.) not be worn in the UCAS school building. (Headbands wider than 2 inches are considered headwear.) Religious exemptions will be determined by the administration.
    5. Offensive tattoos or piercings outside of the ear need to be covered or removed.  Accessories must not present a health or safety risk. Items that could be dangerous or be used as a weapon (spikes, needles, chains, etc.) are not allowed.

    If a student's dress or grooming violates the school rules or interferes with the normal education process, he/she will be asked to change whatever is in question. Continual non-compliance may result in additional disciplinary action at the discretion of the administration. The Board of Trustees has delegated to the UCAS administration the responsibility to implement this policy.

    While the Board of Education neither encourages nor discourages school uniforms, UCAS shall adhere to the Rules and Regulations and Procedures that are outlined in this policy and maintain congruence with Utah Code Annotated 53A-15-1103.


    Approval 12/13/2016

    Updated 10/2018