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    The Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS) will provide a three-phase drivers education program that includes classroom instruction, simulator and behind the wheel driver education instruction to UCAS students in compliance with directives from the State Board of Education and in conformance with the law of the State of Utah. The Superintendent will be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the program.


    Responsibilities and Supervision

     Driver education at UCAS is conducted in accordance with standards established by the Utah State Board of Education as authorized by State Board Policy and by Utah State law. Each instructor will review the State and District guidelines at the beginning of each school year.
    The high school principal has overall responsibility for the driver education program at the school level. The principal will appoint one of the school driver education instructors to serve as the school level coordinator. Coordinators will receive a stipend for fulfilling that responsibility.
    The coordinator in each high school will ensure that eligible students have an opportunity to register for the course in a timely manner relative to their birthdays.
    The coordinators will ensure that all driver education vehicles assigned to the school are maintained and serviced regularly. Vehicles must be securely parked and locked, with the keys removed, when not in use.
    UCAS does not allow driving or class instruction on school days between 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (including career ladder days)
    Each instructor must have a valid driver education endorsement in order to teach the course. He/she must also be certified by the State Driver’s License Division in order to administer the knowledge and driving skills tests.

    Classroom instruction

    Classes will be offered before and after school and may be offered during the summer months.

    Thirty hours of instruction will follow curriculum guidelines established by the Utah State Board of Education.


    Instruction on the Road and Driving Range

    In addition to the prescribed 30 hours instruction, students will complete simulator training and 5 hours of instruction driving on public streets and highways.


    School authorities must have the permission of parents/guardians before a student may begin the behind- the-wheel phase of the course. A signed consent form must be in possession of the school for each student enrolled.


    No instructor shall teach more than four hours during any one driving session on a school day or eight hours on a non-school day (30 minute break in the middle).


    No student shall complete the behind-the-wheel instruction in fewer than two weeks. A student shall participate in not fewer than 3 behind the wheel instructional experiences.


    There should always be more than one student in the car with the driver.


    There is an allowable maximum of 4 hours of driving on a school day.




    All occupants of a driver education vehicle will wear seat belts whenever the vehicle is in motion.



    Permits and Certificates


    All Instruction Permits shall remain in the possession of the instructor and shall be available in the automobile in which the student is receiving behind-the-wheel instruction. A student must be 15 years 6 months of age or older in order to receive an Instruction Permit.


    A Practice Permit should be issued to the student as soon as he/she passes the written test.


    Credit will be awarded to a student as soon as he/she has completed the course, upon request (P/F).



    Wages and fees


    Students are required to pay a fee, established by the Board of Education, in order to take the driver education course.


    The teacher of the classroom portion of the course is paid at the established additional duty rate.


    The Superintendent will establish an annual pay cap per instructor.



    Make-up of Missed Instruction


    A teacher will be authorized to teach one make-up session at the completion of each class if needed. Students will not be assessed an additional fee for this one session. The teacher should submit a separate voucher to be paid for teaching that session. The voucher must include the names of the students who participated in the make-up.


    A student who misses one sessions may be invited to make up assignment outside of school, based on the teacher’s permission.


    Students who miss more than two sessions of the class will need to repeat the course and pay an additional course fee.


    Students who miss an assigned road or range experience will be moved to the end of the list and rescheduled.


    Students who fail the driving test may arrange with the instructor to re-take the test with the instructor at $25.00 per re-take. Or, the student can go to the Utah State Driver’s License Division Office to take a make-up test.


    Approved 1/15/2019