Policies and Procedures on


    Participation in Graduation Exercises




    Graduation exercises are sponsored by the Board of Trustees in order to honor students who graduate from the Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS).  Students are not required to participate in the exercises and may receive an earned diploma independent of such participation. Participation in the graduation exercises is an opportunity and not a protected property right.  Participation in graduation exercises may be denied if a student fails to comply with participation standards as outlined below.


    Students choosing to participate in graduation exercises must comply with the following participation standards:


    1. Students must have met all of the credit requirements for graduation and must qualify for a basic diploma or an alternative completion diploma as defined by R277-705 for a Board of Trustees approved certificate of completion.
    2. Students must wear the designated cap and gown.  Students who are unable to provide a cap and gown because of financial hardship will be provided one by the school.
    3. Students must be in compliance with Board of Trustees  Policy JD, Policies and Procedures on Student Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and other Drugs, and must not be in possession of or under the influence of alcohol or any restricted substance.
    4. Students must meet the standards of dress and grooming established by Board of Trustees Policy JB, Student Dress and Grooming Standards.
    5. Students must be in good standing with the school. Students may not participate if they are under restrictive discipline imposed by school administrators in accordance with school policies and procedures.  This includes, but is not limited to:
      1. suspension
      2. expulsion
      3. investigation
      4. reasonable suspicion that student safety or disruption of the graduation exercise may occur
    6. Students must have paid all fees and fines owed to UCAS, MTECH and/or UVU or must have made appropriate payment or waiver arrangements with the school Principal.  Students are not precluded from participation because of unpaid fees which are waived.
    7. Students may be removed from participation in the exercises if they engage in any behavior that is disrupting to the event or which causes unnecessary distraction to other students, parents, or patrons.


    Approved 8/21/2012

    Updated 10/2018