• Homework:

    Each lesson post in Google Classroom will also have a homework assignement. These assignments will be longer than the attendence quizzes and are designed to help you practice your skills and reinforce key concepts. All homework assignments for each week will be due the following Monday. This will give you some flexibility to do the work on your own schedule, but again please don't get too far behind or it will be difficult to catch up. Homework assignements will be worth 10 points (like normal). 7 of those points will be for completion meaning you tried all the problems, you showed your work, you followed the directions given, etc. For the other three points, I will be selecting a few problems to grade for correctness. Since we're not meeting in person, I need to assess you understanding. Homework assignments may be worksheets or problems from the Alegebra 2 textbook. Homework will be assigned in Google Classroom under "Classwork." To submit homework, you will go to the assignment in Google Classroom (either on the Feed on in the Classwork tab) and add an file attatchment. This attachment will be a scan or image of your homework assignment. Use this link for help submitting assignments in Google Classroom.


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