Policies and Procedures on



    A comprehensive system for the management of school records and data will be established and maintained in compliance with Federal and State laws. The system will meet all legal, operational and management needs. That system will address operational/ legal data needs, as well as personnel and student record management needs and will include:

    1. The identification of record and data needs.

    2. The specification for objectives to be met for each need.

    3. The development and implementation of procedures for the collection, maintenance, protection, and storage of the information/data.

    4. The development and implementation of systems for retrieval, analyses, and reporting of the information data.

    5. The processes that will be used to meet confidentiality and access requirements as required in Public Law 20 U.S.C. 1232g & C.F.R.34* 99.1,et seq. (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 “FERPA”) as well as Utah Code Ch.2 of Title 63 (Government Records Access Management Act. “GRAMA”).
    a. UCAS administration, special education teachers, registrar and counselors have authority to receive confidential information about students, depending upon the offense and the circumstances. This policy is available to parents and students on our web-site.
    b. A dispute regarding the dissemination of information shall be decided in favor of a student’s rights to privacy, except in the event of apparent imminent danger to persons or property.

    The records/data management system is intended to provide fair, timely and necessary information to managers and decision makers, as well as the public, and at the same time, protect the confidentiality and accessibility of the information as required by law. This policy is intended to bring the School into compliance with the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act of 1991 as amended in 1992, and Rule 277-714 Dissemination of Information About Juvenile Offenders.

    Approved 11/19/2013
    Reviewed on 11/2015